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Here are a list of terms that we may use throughout the project that you’ll want to familiarize yourself with.


Any photos, copy, or other content we may need to collect form you to complete the project.

Design profile

This is a document which your project manager will provide you at very beginning of the project – you may already have received this. We’ll need to have this filled out at least 3 days before the kick off call so the team can prepare.

Change Order

If changes to scope are quested, and the estimate for the changes is approved by you. They will be documented as a change order to the project. These costs would be in addition to the previously approved project cost.

Feature Block

Block of content that is custom designed to stand out. Two examples which are included in the project are our Dynamic Before & After Gallery feature, and the Doctor Feature block which will appear on each procedure page.


Our internal teams will thoroughly review the site for any errors or omissions, test the site functionality and review all new content.  (Pre-existing content will remain as is and therefore will not be reviewed.)

Stop work

There will be a point in the project where we will alert you of what we refer to as a “stop work.” This is the point in the process where our development team has officially begun the build of your new site and migrated any content over from your old site that will be retained. From this point on, we ask that no further updates be made to your current, live site as they will not be carried over to the new site in progress. Should you require an update for time-sensitive, legal, or other reasons, simply alert your Account Executive of the need and they will facilitate this to make sure it is handled appropriate for both sites. Once the new site has gone live, you will be free to request any needed updates without risk.

Site Map

A site map will be provided to demonstrate the hierarchy of the pages on the new site, define the amount of copy writing, and define any special considerations.


An environment where the site is hosted while under development. This allows us to preview all site functionality and review content before it is live.   

Looking for more on our website terminology? Check out this guide

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