Etna Interactive

Project Steps


Kick Off Call

Description of what to expect on call. First step in the process.
After this call, the team will provide a Creative Brief which …

Site map review

Reiteration of what was said earlier. Happens within 1-2 weeks of kick off call

Creative Presentation

Happens 2-3 weeks after Kick off call. Will share our screen, present site, homepage & backpage , etc….


You get one round of Design feedback. This means that after our Designer presents the design composition at the Creative Presentation, you will be able to provide feedback to your Project Manager for incorporating into the design compositions. We typically allow 3-4 days for this process.  Once those items have been added and presented to you in a final draft, you may only provide corrections in the case that some of your feedback may have been missed or miss interpreted.


Additional Copy writing & Design

Once the initial creative is approved, our copywriter & designer will work to complete any additional pages or features that may be included with your project. Again, these will be presented for your approval and include 1 round of feedback.

Site Build

Once the initial designs are approved, our development team will begin building your site. This may or may not overlap with additional copywriting & design. During this time there won’t be anything for you to see or approve so it will be a bit of a quiet time.


Quality Assurance

Our internal teams will thoroughly test the site functionality and review all new content.  Pre-existing content will remain as is and therefore will not be reviewed.

Review on Staging

Once the new site is complete, but just prior to launch, you will be given a chance to review the entire site.  You will be able to provide feedback on errors or minor edits, but keep in mind that new content or functionality cannot be added at this point in the project.


When your staging review starts, you will also be provided a pre-release document. Sign-off of this document is required to secure your launch date. Once this document is signed and returned to Etna, and we have your approval, we will launch your new site -taking it officially live!

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