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Staging Site Review Guide

Accessing Your Site

Your Project Manager will supply you with a URL as well as a login & password to your staging site. Simply navigate to the given URL and enter the credentials to gain access to your site. (Note that the login and password are case-sensitive so make sure to enter them exactly as provided)

Performing Your Review

Please set aside some time to review the entire site as you wish. Typically, the review takes a matter of hours spread over a day or two depending on your schedule.

We recommend perusing your staging site on both desktop & mobile.

What You’re Looking For

At this stage, your site build has been completed and is ready to launch pending your approval. In addition, multiple internal teams have performed a thorough quality review to ensure proper functionality, behaviors, and adherence to your project scope and all approved mockups.

That said, occasionally minor errors, omissions, or other typos may occur. This review period is your chance to review the site as a whole before it goes live and check for anything we may have overlooked.

Determining Project Scope

Remember that any edits that you are requesting should be items that are in-scope to the Project Proposal and its Site Map. For example, the content for any pages marked as “REDEPLOY” on your sitemap was taken from your current site as-is and redeployed on the new site. No copy writing, editing, or additional features are included in the scope of these pages.

Should you have any out of scope edit requests, we can review these and decide to either create Change Orders to have these updated before the launch of the site – which may have implications to your project budget & timeline – or notate the details of the requests and tackle them post-launch as maintenance items.

Requesting Edits

Should you find any items that require revision, please notate them as follows. Be sure to copy and paste the URL for the exact page you would like to be edited and include a brief description explaining the required edit. You can list out all of these requests in a word document or email, whichever you prefer. If the issue is difficult to describe, feel free to include relevant screenshots for clarity. We will review the list, implement all in-scope edits and changes, and notify you when they are completed so you may have a final look.

How to format your edit requests:                                           

Name of Page
Enter the URL here
Write description of requested change here.

Example edit request:

Contact Page
The form isn’t working, it won’t submit, even though I fill out all the required fields

Preparing for Launch

In order to secure & prep your site for launch in the week proposed, we’ll need to get a signed Pre-Release form back from you within 2-3 days of it being requested. Without this form on file, we can not guarantee a launch date. Once the form has been provided your Project Manager will confirm your specific launch date.

Signing the form does not waive your right to request any site edits as you continue your review and you also will have a warranty period for post-launch edits should something still slip through the cracks and be found after the site goes live.

Site Warranty

It is important to know that Etna provides a warranty period for issues found after your site goes live.  We want you to feel confident when advancing your site project to the publishing step, knowing that corrections can be made during this warranty period quickly and safely.

Our warranty policy is described as follows:

 Following the site launch Etna staff will be available to track down and remedy, at no cost to Client, any reported errors or omissions not found in the QA and testing phase of the project. This warranty period extends four (4) weeks from the day of publishing your site to the production environment.

Final Notes

This entire staging site review & final edit verification process typically takes a week to complete, then it’s on to site launch! If you have any questions, reach out to your Project Manager for clarification.


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