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Marketing Writing: Topic Generation X, Y, Z

Blogs, articles, press releases, and most other forms of marketing writing for our clients begin with the development of an initial topic. Outwardly simple, generating effective topics is often one of the most difficult aspects of the writing process.

Stating the Obvious
Simply put, topics should clearly distinguish the direction of content. The writer provides a reference point for ensuring the final draft is a succinct extension of the initial idea.

Why is stating the obvious such a difficult component of generating effective copy? It requires the writer to have a concise idea of where content should end – and what route should be taken to get it there.

With a goal of appealing to potential patients and maximizing SEO value, our copywriting team balances creative processes with restrictions such as word count, expected audience, and keyword selection.

From Discussion to Page
This blog began with a simple idea: topic generation. That subject evolved to a more comprehensive description of proposed content: successful marketing writing topics efficiently communicate specific ideas to intended readers.

Moving from the idea behind a topic to something more tangible depends on an understanding of the project’s purpose. For example, a blog topic for Cosmetic Surgery Chronicle follows a more informal style than that of a press release for distribution to newswires. The writer adapts the style and tone to match the type of marketing tactic.

Once a client approves the topic, all that’s left to do is author, edit, publish, and distribute content…

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