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Email Marketing: It’s Time Well Spent

A common question we hear on the marketing team: Why does it take so long to send out an email? It comes up often, and I don’t blame clients for asking. It seems like an email campaign should take an hour or two, at most. Well, that’s not the case and for good reason. Behind every email marketing communication I send out for our clients, there’s a lot of time spent behind the scenes to ensure each campaign we create is a success.

The Nitty Gritty: Copywriting

Our copywriting team authors copy for the email that is consistent to the voice of the client’s brand and also provides SEO benefits, confirming correct use of trademark symbols, as well as grammar. Email marketing can be a great way to help build awareness for your brand.

The Bells and Whistles: Development

Our clients each have high-end, custom-designed email templates that match their websites. For every email campaign, the development team updates the custom template with copy, images, and ref codes that allow our clients to search their lead database systems to see whether any direct leads came from their email marketing efforts. The team puts every campaign through a rigorous spam filter test and checks to ensure the email renders correctly across the most popular email platforms.

Spreading the Love: Social Media

The social media team integrates clients’ email campaigns with their Facebook pages as a custom application to help spread the word. We also offer a social share function that allows subscribers to share emails with their social networks. Talk about spreading the word and increasing ROI!

Checks and Balances: Engineering

Did you know removing email subscribers from a mailing list is essential to getting your messages delivered? Seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? If a subscriber list is left a mess, and lots of emails continuously bounce back after a campaign is sent out, email service providers such as Yahoo! and Gmail will notice and prevent your message from being delivered. This is where our engineering team comes in. After every campaign, our engineers remove any inactive accounts to ensure each subscriber list is squeaky clean.

Sure, it would be nice if email marketing could take only an hour, but there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. I assure you, it’s worth the time; providing our clients with the best possible email product is what I do.

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