5 Tips for Blog Beginners

How many of you have read a blog? Chances are you have. In fact, 60% of Internet users read blogs, and this number is likely to increase. If you want to take advantage of the popularity of blogs for your online marketing, check out some of these blogging tips to help get you started. Here are 4 beginner tips and 1 really important rule to always follow.

Tip 1: Who Is My Audience?

Pick a buyer persona that reflects your target demographic. If it’s a mom in her mid-30s, for example, you can create a persona from her name to what she looks like, the type of car she drives, her activities, and so on. Once this is determined, write as if you’re speaking to your persona. This will help your blogs stay consistent and lay a foundation of trust between you and your readers.

Tip 2: What on Earth Do I Talk About?

Start with answering questions you and your staff most frequently get asked by patients. Chances are your other patients have these questions, too. Why do most people schedule consultations? What are the most popular treatments or procedures and why? Why aren’t surgeries being booked after consultations? If it’s fear, debunk this fear.

Tip 3: What Tone Should My Blog Have?

Blogs help patients connect with your brand in a way your website can’t accomplish on its own. To put it simply, be you. Patients do not select a practice based only on a doctor’s qualifications, but also his or her bedside manner. Your blog can be a great way to reflect that part of who you are. Let your personality shine through, and your patients will already have an established relationship with you before meeting you in person.

Tip 4: When Do I Post?

Be consistent when scheduling your blogs. This will give readers a chance to know your publishing schedule and when to come back and visit. If you publish randomly and people come back for new content and it hasn’t been updated, there’s a good chance they won’t return.

Tip 5: The Really Important Rule to Always Follow

If there has to be one takeaway, let this be it. When using before-and-after images in your blog posts, make sure to never save the image with the patient’s name. Google will crawl all aspects of your blog post to help your webpage rank for relevant searches, including the image file name. To see what our recommended image file naming system is, make sure to watch this 4-minute video.

Until next time, happy blogging!

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