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A Case for Email Marketing

Industry experts have been leveraging email marketing tactics for almost as long as online marketing has existed. And, while social media has taken a bit of the spotlight, recently leaked information from Facebook suggests that email marketing will help your practice reach more prospective patients than social media marketing will.

In this video newsletter, I’ll give you the tools to promote subscriptions online, push content to subscribers, and drive demand with email.

Promote Subscription Online

  • Stand-alone subscription forms are seldom used.
  • Offer opt-in as an option on contact forms.
  • Make it easy for mobile users.
  • Cross-promote your email list on social media.

Push Your Latest and Greatest Content to Subscribers

  • Before and after photos, new videos, and press coverage.
  • Blog posts and conversations on social media.
  • Answers on sites like RealSelf.
  • Real patient stories and testimonial content.

Build Relationships and Drive Demand with Email

  • Promote subscription across your entire operation.
  • Curate your content and selections from around the Web.

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2 Responses to A Case for Email Marketing

  • Jonathan Chow says:

    Hi Ryan
    We recently met you at CAAM conference in Toronto. We just opened our business in September 2014. We have a web site and we are advertising. We have a billboard as well. Our business is very slow this time of year. Do you have any other suggestions to attract new clients. Thanks.

  • Ryan Miller says:

    That’s a great question, Jonathan.

    I’ll paraphrase, “We’re slow right now…what can we do online to generate some immediate demand?”

    Many of the strategies we might consider to create demand for aesthetic services from search engine optimization require several weeks or months to deliver results.

    Instead, look at strategies in email marketing, social media and paid search marketing. You might:
    – Consider promotions or offers to your CASL-compliant email list
    – Run promotions on your social channels…consider a social contest
    – Temporarily increase your targeted PPC advertising or boost posts on Facebook

    Each of these can deliver immediate ROI.

    Good luck,


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