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Reputation Management: Beyond 5 Stars

Online reputation is more important than ever in elective medicine. One study showed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And according to Google, checking doctor reviews online is now almost as popular as checking restaurant reviews.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can protect your online reputation and attract more patients to your practice.

A positive reaction to negative reviews

  • Understand and avoid triggers for negative reviews.
  • Actively cultivate positive reviews.
  • Extend beyond reviews for a robust online portrayal.

Common causes of negative reviews

  • Difficulty scheduling
  • Disinterested or discourteous staff
  • Extended consultations
  • Poor management of expectations

Patient Experience Optimization (PEO)

  • Embrace feedback.
  • Train staff to schedule efficiently (and use the right software).
  • Attempt to reduce wait times and avoid rushing consults.
  • Work to ensure patients feel heard during their consultations.
  • Encourage happy patients to share their experiences online.

Cultivate ratings and reviews

  • Search and identify the most visible review sites in your market.
  • Implement tools to guide patients.
  • Ask for the review.

Achieve a representative portrayal online

  • Deliver a robust professional presentation on your site.
  • Demonstrate caring and expertise through syndication.
  • Prove that people like you through social media.

Spread your message

  • Claim listings for your business, and enrich them.
  • Share your content freely on other websites.
  • Cultivate media placement.
  • Pay for placement on visible sites.

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