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3 Reasons Why Aesthetic Practices Should Invest in Social Media Marketing


I often receive push back from our clients when it comes to incorporating social media into their online marketing plans. Many clients are concerned that social media is too expensive, that they don’t have the staff support it takes to curate photos or create daily posts, and they worry about security and patient privacy. While these factors are legitimate, it is my job to remove these fears and ensure that their investment provides a positive return.

Here are 3 reasons why your online marketing plan should include a level of social media support:

  1. Prospective patients want the latest in technology and medical advancements, and a signal to them that a doctor is up with the times is having a strong social media presence. In June 2015, The Huffington Post shared an article conducted by RealSelf that found that nearly 60% of respondents said they like doctors to be “somewhat engaged” on social media, while 32% said they want them to be “very engaged”.
  1. Everything is trackable! At this point, social media is not a free marketing channel, these are pay-to-play platforms that require a monetary investment as well as time and resources. At Etna Interactive, we are a lead generation company with a historic focus on ROI. When running social media campaigns, our focus is no different. We create integrated 6 month online marketing plans that define the client’s business goals and implement monthly tactics to accomplish them. Throughout execution our aim for an average ROI of 11:1 is upheld. If at any given time we aren’t meeting this standard, we restrategize.
  1. While social media is not directly related to improving a site’s search rankings, it is a correlating factor. Most websites that are ranking well have a strong social presence. This alone is a reason to consider social media. In addition, integrating your social strategy can help to further your online marketing goals by driving traffic to website pages that promote a high priority keyword.

I could go on and on justifying why you should invest in social media, from the word of mouth marketing and increased brand awareness to the creation of loyal brand advocates, positive reviews, and a more humanized business. Start considering social media marketing and put your fears behind you.

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