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Category Archives: Medical Marketing Laws

Georgia Medical Marketing Laws

If you read medical websites from Georgia, they might seem a little dull. That might be because physicians there have to be careful not to make “flamboyant or extravagant claims” regarding their expertise. But like all our medical website designs, we have the same goal for our Georgia clients: conveying a truthful and tasteful representation of the practice. As always,… Continue Reading

Wyoming Medical Marketing Laws

Nothing out of the ordinary in Wyoming’s medical marketing requirements-just the usual concern shared by most states that physicians must not engage in false or misleading advertising. Be sure to discuss your medical marketing plans with your legal counsel so that you know you are following all relevant laws. More Information Oversight Body: Wyoming Board of Medicine Reference Citation: W.S.… Continue Reading

New York Medical Marketing Laws

New York State does not allow the use of testimonials in healthcare advertising, a restriction we are constantly keeping in mind when marketing medical services for our Empire State clients. We also encourage our clients to follow 27(c)(i) closely, making sure to retain any old versions of their site for the required period. To understand how all of New York’s relevant medical… Continue Reading

California Medical Marketing Laws

There’s good reason that California is known as the King of Regulation in many legal circles. Its code sections on healthcare marketing alone are almost 3,000 words long. Have your legal dictionary handy when you discuss potential medical marketing issues in California with your legal counsel. Before you and your attorney dive too deep into the laws, check out the… Continue Reading

Medical Marketing Laws

At Etna Interactive we want to help our clients, and the medical industry at large, to create medical marketing that is executed ethically and legally. At a very high level, most state medical boards want medical professionals to avoid false, misleading, or untrue statements when engaging in healthcare advertising. Practically every state categorizes false or fraudulent medical marketing statements made… Continue Reading


Physicians in Wisconsin need to take care to note the full name of the board that certified them (such as the American Board of Plastic Surgeons) if they claim to be “board certified” in their medical marketing. Also, like most other states, Wisconsin physicians’ medical websites must not contain false, misleading, or deceptive advertising. For a full assessment of the… Continue Reading

West Virginia

In addition to laws barring false or deceptive advertising, West Virginia also prohibits the use of testimonials in healthcare marketing, on the theory that this advertising method is not in the public interest. It would seem that in the select states that bar testimonials, the concern is that potential patients could be mislead by or put too much stock in… Continue Reading


Washington State is unique in its extensive regulation of physicians’ use of the Internet to advertise through medical websites. Some of these Medical Disciplinary Board rules might surprise firms that dabble in medical website design and development, but at Etna Interactive, medical marketing is our specialty and we make sure to stay up to date on the latest laws. For… Continue Reading

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