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Eight Ways to Promote Your Business This Weekend

Every so often I’ll find a little spare time during the weekend and get to thinking about my online marketing. What can I do with just a few hours that will make a difference in the success of my online marketing efforts?

It always gets us excited when one of our clients asks what they can do themselves to make their site more successful. Here are some quick recommendations on what you can do with a few spare hours to make your site a more valuable asset and a more productive marketing tool:

  1. Gather more photos of your work for your website. Then get those photos online. Your potential clients want to see your work more than anything else you might offer online. What does it say to repeat visitors when you have the same photos in your gallery month after month — it says you did your best work years ago and that you have nothing new to offer!Etna offers an amazing photo gallery manager that allows you to publish your own photos in seconds. Our software allows your patients to save their favorites cases, share their expectations with you and your office, and receive notice by email whenever you publish new results.
  2. Enhance one page of your site. Read any one of your pages closely and make some text changes to make it better. You might expand on your description of how a procedure is performed or provide more details about the potential risks and complications. Search engines, especially Google, will ignore pages that are not updated periodically.Our professional copywriters can help you enhance your copy if you prefer not to do it on your own.
  3. Make note of one question you were asked this week, and answer it online. Compose a 2-4 paragraph answer and submit it for publication on a procedure page or as a part of your FAQ page.Consider answering a question on a site like and link back to your site for additional details or a related case.
  4. Write a press release, article or blog post. If you are feeling especially ambitious, write about a hot topic or news from your practice. Publish the post to your blog or send us the news and we will integrate it into your site or syndicate it to appear on other sites.Our writers can compose the piece based on your inspiration, and we can help syndicate your content to extend your exposure online and build your link popularity.
  5. Contact a colleague and propose a link exchange. Each link to your site is like a virtual vote of confidence. Call a colleague and ask if they would be up for a link exchange.Just get their webmaster’s contact information and we’ll send the link code. If they don’t have a webmaster, we can post a link to both their site and your site quickly and affordably.
  6. Attend to your social media. For those with social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, spend some time updating your accounts, sharing new photos or insights, thanking fans or recognizing your staff.Etna clients, ask your Account Executive for a copy of our handy social media writing guide!
  7. Gather some patient testimonials or prepare a case study for publication on your site. Be sure to include the procedure the patient underwent and the city and state where the patient lives to help us with geographic targeting.Consider pairing the testimonial with the patient’s before and after photos.

As always, we welcome your calls with any questions. Our number is 866-374-3762.

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