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Keeping Up With Google+


We know. Keeping up with Google’s constant changes can be hard, especially because the effects can be felt across the entire Web. But here at Etna, we actually love keeping up with all the changes. Here’s the rundown on what you really need to know to keep your social media marketing on track — without all the extra tech-talk.

Google’s most recent shift occurred just recently with the near death of Google+, aka G+. At this time, Google announced it will change some elements of G+ for a more “focused experience” within the platform.

Basically, G+ will become more purposeful in its function. The company will develop new elements within the platform such as Google+ Collections, where users can easily share content related to specific topics and themes.

Google will also remove unnecessary functions from G+ and untie it from other Google products. The first of these severed ties is between Google+ and YouTube. A few years ago, Google made it mandatory for YouTube users to create a G+ account if they wished to have a YouTube profile or channel. In an effort to unite all Google products under one platform, all of your activities on YouTube were accessible from G+.

Beginning this week, this integration is no longer required, and a standard Google account will be the only login needed to access all Google products, including YouTube. This standard account is not viewable by other users from YouTube like G+ was, nor is it searchable to the general public, allowing for more privacy and less confusion. Additionally, users have the option to either maintain or delete their G+ accounts, while still keeping their YouTube accounts.

So what does all of this mean for businesses? Users who currently have G+ Pages should maintain them with pertinent information, including the business name, address, and phone number. As far as using Google+ as a social network, we recommend dedicating your time elsewhere to platforms with a larger audience such as Facebook or Instagram.

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