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It’s All About Content

A topic that is often discussed and sometimes misunderstood by online marketers is the idea of content and how it relates to what matters most to you as a business owner – the bottom line.

The traditional model for publicity is one based around interruption and succeeds in holding a consumer’s attention for a short period of time. Effective content marketing opens the door to a different model for publicity, one that aims to educate the consumer, to explicitly add value to consumers while positioning your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Obviously, the first place to start seeding this kind of premium content is your website. A functional design with informative copywriting that seeks to educate visitors with useful graphics and video is a good foundation for future online promotional efforts.

After a strong foundation, content can continue to add value for both your online visitors and the website’s search engine results. Awesome content tends to be shared by those who are interested in the topic, and this sharing can result in additional backlinks from blogs, social mentions or even word of mouth. When a search engine crawls a website, a backlink profile that shows fresh and relevant backlinks can help improve search rankings.

Aside from the SEO value great content can provide in terms of additional backlinks and social sharing, a proactive content creation strategy can help increase brand awareness and help earn consumer trust. In a recent survey, 70% of consumers polled said they would rather learn about a company through articles and blog posts than advertisements. We often suggest implementing a blog to a website and regularly contributing as a way to demonstrate your expertise. The steady trickle of fresh content signals to a search engine that a website has both a strong foundation and an active presence online.

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