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Our Best Source of Marketing Writing Topics: You!

Our Best Source of Marketing Writing - You

Part of my role as an editor here at Etna is to come up with topic ideas for the news releases, blog posts, and articles that we write for our clients. These help get lots of published material out there to earn quality links back to our clients’ sites. Let me tell you, generating interesting, relevant marketing writing topics month after month isn’t always easy.

Many of my topic ideas come from the news and from academic journals as they release stories, studies, and statistics. I scour the Internet frequently for kernels of insight into the industry, because I know how valuable a well-crafted blog post or news release can be. The best ones get picked up by local or national media outlets, and some get shared on social media by readers who find them interesting.

My best source of inspiration isn’t any news site or journal, though; usually, the best ideas come from our clients themselves. We at Etna want to create compelling content for you, our client, and your input often makes all the difference.

You have the inside track on what is going on in your practice, your region, and your industry. Did you just hear about new research you think is interesting? Have you noticed a surge in requests for a treatment at your office? Tell us about it!

We are glad to write about topics that are important to you, and generating great topics is easier when we know more about what’s going on in your world. Shoot your account executive (AE) an email or give us a quick call whenever you like. Some of the things that make excellent topics for blogs, press releases, and other marketing materials are:

  • Changes at your practice (a new practitioner, procedure, or location)
  • Events you are hosting or attending (practice open houses or conferences)
  • Trends you have noticed in your practice or region
  • New research you’re involved in, or simply want to discuss

As the world of digital marketing shifts to rely less on the presence of inbound links and more on quality content, we all need to shift our strategies to focus on what’s relevant and meaningful. Sure, we can whip you up a press release on breast augmentation, but how can we make it stand out? What if it describes an innovative new technique you’ve adopted and includes an interesting statistic about how many more patients are choosing that technique compared with the past? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Now we’re working together to develop content that your area media outlets will want to pick up and your Facebook followers will want to share with their friends, all because you took us up on our offer to be partners in this process.

So, doctor, what’s going on with you? We can’t wait to write about it.

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