Resources for Elective Medical Clinic Leaders Responding to COVID-19

From forced closures to cash flow management, human resources issues to equipment shortages, crisis management to marketing…there’s no end to the new challenges elective medical clinic leaders are facing as a result of COVID-19.

We’ve compiled here numerous resources from our trusted partners and across the Web.

Finance, Human Resources & Practice Management

  • BSM Webinar Series: Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19
    Source: BSM Consulting
    A 4-part webinar series beginning March 30 and offered for $199. Covers how to forecast cash flow, how to navigate new legislation, preserving workforce integrity and managing relations with landlords, lenders and vendors.
  • KZA COVID-19 Practice Management Resources Page
    Source: Karen Zupko & Associates
    Practice management resources, education, and tools for physicians and practice teams.
  • BSM Consulting COVID-19 Resource Center
    Source: BSM Consulting
    A rich library of free and for-fee resources with tools and guidance that includes the most comprehensive coverage we’ve seen for finance and human resource issues.
  • ByrdAdatto COVID-19 Video Series
    From the elective healthcare industry’s most respected law firm, ByrdAdatto, offers legal perspectives and short weekly videos to help you respond and adapt.
  • The Aesthetic Society COVID-19 Webinar Series
    Source: The Aesthetic Society
    A series of webinars offering practical advice on coping in the time of COVID-19.
  • Roaring Out of Recession
    Source: Harvard Business Review
    Strategies companies can use to survive a recession informed by research on company performance during and after three economic downturns.
  • PS Channel & Sientra ENHANCE: A Crisis Intervention Series on COVID-19
    Source: PS Channel
    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. William P. Adams Jr. and Sandy Roos, Sientra’s Director of Practice Development, delve into the COVID-19 crisis and what it means for plastic surgeons, their patients, and the field at large on A Crisis Intervention Series, in a three-part series.
  • Aesthetic Practice Mastermind Facebook Group
    Source: Ashley Cloud | Practice Management Consulting, LLC
    A private Facebook group that facilitates FB Live Q&A sessions, monthly webinar trainings, and networking with aesthetic physicians and staff members.  All sessions address a variety of topics to help practices not only survive during this time but to also be relevant now and set themselves up to thrive after COVID-19.
  • HR Compliance Bulletin
    Source: Morris & Garritano
    Our own benefits agency has distributed an elegant summary of the Coronavirus relief laws that impact employee benefits, including The Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act.

Marketing & Communications

Telemedicine & Virtual Appointments

  • A Practical Guide to Offering Virtual Appointments
    Source: Etna Interactive
    A four minute video overview of the 3 steps every clinic must take to successfully offer virtual appointments.
  • KZA Telehealth Solution Center
    Source: Karen Zupko & Associates
    A comprehensive resource on telehealth practices, featuring videos, coding guides, and instructional papers.
  • HIPAA Compliant Platforms for Secure Video Conferencing
      Free telemedicine platforms. Some performance issues were reported in the early days of COVID-19 but the platform appears to have resolved their scaling issues.
    • Klara
      Popular telemedicine and secure messaging platform that integrates with Nextech and other practice management software.
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • Gotomeeting

Have you found resources we should add to this list? Please email us or comment below.

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