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Learn how to improve your Google rankings

The #1 Thing Medical Offices Can Do To Improve Google Rankings

  In the ever-changing world of the internet it can feel difficult to keep up with what really matters in terms of where to focus your digital marketing efforts. Here at Etna one of our common sayings is ‘Google is King’ and in this month’s blog post, CEO Ryan Miller breaks down the one critical way you can make sure… Continue Reading

Why Would I Exchange Links With Another Site?

Why would I exchange links with another site? Many years ago the major search engines were faced with a hypothetical problem.  If two sites were essentially the same…similar content, similar structure…which one should they rank ahead of the other?  To come up with an answer they borrowed a tactic from the real world of human resources. Let’s say you are… Continue Reading

How Do I Decide Who to Exchange Links With?

I get solicitations for link exchange all day long.  How do I decide who to exchange links with? Remember that links from your site to any business will be viewed by your visitors and patients as an endorsement. Here’s a quick test for link exchanges: Does the site offer accurate information that will benefit your patients or clients? Is the… Continue Reading

Can You Explain Link Building in Under 50 Words?

I was offering one client too much information (as usual) on a call the other day when he fired back with, “Can you explain link building in 50 words or less?” I get so many questions about Link Building from the cosmetic surgeons, physicians, and medical spas we serve that I’m often forced to chop up this very complex topic… Continue Reading

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