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Email Marketing Part 1: Why Email?

Email Marketing Part 1: Why Email?

For those of you who think email marketing is a “no brainer,” think again.  Several laws restrict how you can build your subscriber list and what content you can send.  Spam filters grow tighter every day, making it tough to get even legitimate email delivered.  And every email program displays graphical email differently, so visual consistency is a challenge.  Despite all this, there are still plenty of good reasons to use email in your online marketing mix.

  1. Email opens a dialogue with clients and prospects.
    While your website waits for visitors, email pushes your information and special offers to subscribers.  It keeps you in touch with the people who can keep you in business.
  2. Email is interactive.
    Not only can you open the conversation, you can keep the interaction going with links from your email to your site.  You can also use email to promote immediate event registration, client surveys, and registration-required offers.
  3. Email can be tracked.
    Tracking the response rate of recipients on your email subscriber list is easy with just a bit of planning beforehand.  You can even use email to test which offers and information inspire robust responses and which are largely ignored.
  4. Email is fast.
    The most successful long-term campaigns are delivered on a regular schedule to build customer expectations. But when big news breaks we can help you conceive, design, and deliver email marketing from scratch in just hours.
  5. Email is easily shared.
    Your subscribers are just a click away from forwarding your message to friends and colleagues who may be interested in the products and services you offer.
  6. Email is targeted.
    By following best practices when you build your subscriber list, it will be stocked with names of past customers and prospects who have a serious interest in your business.
  7. Email is affordable.
    Etna Interactive offers affordable, customized email marketing packages.  Unlike direct mail marketing that gets more expensive with every new subscriber (and every increase in postage rates), email marketing becomes more cost effective as your subscriber base grows.

Ready to get started marketing by email? Give us a call at 866-374-3762 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to develop a plan that’s just right for you.  Also, keep an eye open for our next installment, “Email Marketing Part 2: Set Your Strategy.”

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