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Would an email newsletter be an asset for my practice? Is a newsletter worthwhile?

I’ve been thinking about publishing an email newsletter for my plastic surgery practice.  Is a newsletter worthwhile?

When you say “worthwhile,” we’re guessing you want to know if a newsletter can build loyalty, encourage repeat business, keep your name first in the minds of your patients and prospective patients, and help attract new business.  If that’s the case, yes, newsletters are worthwhile.

Even though spam problems have hurt how many people receive and open newsletters, they can still be invaluable to building your practice.  If you look around at your colleagues, you’ll see that they use email newsletters for three main reasons:

  1. Education & Offers
    Educating your patients and extending promotional offers to subscribers is at the core of almost every email newsletter.
  2. Awareness & Interaction
    Email newsletters are one of the most cost effective ways to increase awareness and recall of your business.  They can also keep the conversation with prospective patients alive between their first contact office contact and final procedure decision.
  3. Research
    Not sure what’s on the mind of your patients?  Ask.  Surveys embedded in email newsletters can be a great way to learn what your patients want most.

However you use your email newsletter, be sure you take the time to observe state and Federal laws and always respect a person’s privacy.

Etna offers a great drop-in system for building your email newsletter list, distributing your newsletter, and measuring its performance.

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