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Your Role

You have an important role in your site project. The purpose of this section is to define your responsibility for each of these aspects of the project.

Design Profile

This document must be filled out and returned at least 3 days prior to the kick off call so our team can prepare for the call. If there is a delay in receiving this document, we will need to postpone the call which may shift the dates of your project.


There may be copy, photography, gallery cases or other assets that you will need to provide in order for the team to complete the project. Your project manager will provide a list of the assets needed for your particular project and deadlines for when they will be needed. Missing these deadlines could result in delays to your project schedule.


There will be a few points in the project where items are turned over to you for your review & approval. At this times, your Project Manager will let you know when feedback should be returned and approval finalized. Should you require longer than the time given, please communicate that as soon as possible, as this could result in delays to the project schedule. Such items that will be furnished for approval include:

  • Any sitemap updates after sitemap review
  • Initial Creative (presented on Creative Review call)
  • Any additional copy or mock ups

Staging Site Review

Similarly to the approvals mentioned above, once the site build is fully completed and thoroughly reviewed for quality by our internal teams, it will be turned over to you for a final staging review. We typically allow a 1 week period for you to preview the site in its entirety on this staging site (everything will work like the final product, but is on a private server where only those with the provided username & password can access). As the site is near completion this is not a time for redesigning or initiating any major changes, but this will be your opportunity to “test-drive” everything and check for any errors or omissions that may have been previously overlooked. Again, if more time then the allotted week is required, we will accommodate it, but it could result in delays before we can secure a launch date.

A Staging Site Review Guide is available for more information about this process.

Pre-Release Form

When the is ready for your final review on staging, we will also furnish a pre-release form. This form will contain some vital information such email addresses you want your leads to be sent to and from. It will also ask you to review details of your site and confirm they are accurate to your practice. We require this form to be signed & returned before we can secure your launch date.


Your Project Manager’s role is to keep your project on track to deliver the final product on time and on budget. As such, he or She may remind you of budgetary or scheduling impacts to various decisions, delays, or add-ons as the project progresses. However, ultimate goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the product and the process overall. If you need more time, more information, or have any other questions or concerns along the way please reach out to him or her. They are there for you!

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