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Support for Elective Medicine

Helpful tools for keeping your practice strong in uncertain times.

COVID-19 and its repercussions pose a number of challenges for elective medical practices. Weathering such an unsteady climate—and even coming out stronger than before—is a matter of being agile, educated, and connected to those around you who are ready and willing to help.

As part of Etna Interactive’s commitment to cultivating success through partnership, we have compiled a dynamic list of resources to keep you and your practice informed and empowered to seize opportunities for growth.

Table of Contents

Our Insider’s Guide to DIY Marketing

Good marketing is more vital than ever. It keeps you at the top of potential patients’ minds and sets the stage for a robust comeback once this crisis subsides. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found 9% of companies—those who take a progressive approach to marketing—come out of recessions stronger than ever.

Even if you have to cut back on your marketing spend, your business shouldn’t miss out. There are steps you can take right now to help your brand become stronger than ever. That’s where Etna Interactive’s Insider’s Guide to DIY Marketing series comes in.

Resources for Clinic Leaders

Elective medical clinic leaders today are facing new challenges surrounding everything from forced closures to crisis communications issues. Arming yourself with knowledge is essential not only for making it through this initial downturn but also for emerging on the other side primed for success. Here are helpful resources to get you started.

Marketing & Communications

Is Your Practice Recession Ready?
Source: Etna Interactive
A 10-page white paper detailing 12 online marketing tactics elective medical clinics can implement to weather an unsteady economy.

COVID-19 and the Aesthetic Practice
Source: Etna Interactive
In this regularly updated post, we collect and analyze the latest data surrounding the ways COVID-19 is affecting elective medical practices nationwide.

Beware of Virtue Signaling Outright Greed in Brand Communications About COVID-19
Source: Gartner
An article offering a rubric to test whether your planned COVID communications are considerate and appropriate.

Finance, Human Resources & Practice Management

BSM Webinar Series: Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19
Source: BSM Consulting
A 4-part webinar series beginning March 30 and offered for $199. Covers how to forecast cash flow, how to navigate new legislation, preserving workforce integrity and managing relations with landlords, lenders, and vendors.

KZA COVID-19 Practice Management Resources Page
Source: Karen Zupko & Associates
Practice management resources, education, and tools for physicians and practice teams.

BSM Consulting COIVD-19 Resource Center
Source: BSM Consulting
A rich library of free and for-fee resources with tools and guidance that includes the most comprehensive coverage we’ve seen for finance and human resource issues.

ByrdAdatto COVID-19 Video Series
Source: ByrdAdatto
From the elective healthcare industry’s most respected law firm, ByrdAdatto, offers legal perspectives and short weekly videos to help you respond and adapt.

The Aesthetic Society COVID-19 Webinar Series
Source: The Aesthetic Society
A series of webinars offering practical advice on coping in the time of COVID-19.

Roaring Out of Recession
Source: Harvard Business Review
Strategies companies can use to survive a recession informed by research on company performance during and after three economic downturns.

PS Channel & Sientra ENHANCE: A Crisis Intervention Series on COVID-19
Source: PS Channel
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William P. Adams Jr. and Sandy Roos, Sientra’s Director of Practice Development, delve into the COVID-19 crisis and what it means for plastic surgeons, their patients, and the field at large on A Crisis Intervention Series, in a three-part series.

Aesthetic Practice Mastermind Facebook Group
Source: Ashley Cloud | Practice Management Consulting, LLC
A private Facebook group that facilitates FB Live Q&A sessions, monthly webinar trainings, and networking with aesthetic physicians and staff members.  All sessions address a variety of topics to help practices not only survive during this time but to also be relevant now and set themselves up to thrive after COVID-19.

HR Compliance Bulletin
Source: Morris & Garritano
Our own benefits agency has distributed an elegant summary of the Coronavirus relief laws that impact employee benefits, including The Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act.

Telemedicine & Virtual Appointments

A Practical Guide to Offering Virtual Appointments
Source: Etna Interactive
A four-minute video overview of the 3 steps every clinic must take to successfully offer virtual appointments.

KZA Telehealth Solution Center
Source: Karen Zupko & Associates
A comprehensive resource on telehealth practices, featuring videos, coding guides, and instructional papers.

HIPAA Compliant Platforms for Secure Video Conferencing:
Free telemedicine platforms. Some performance issues were reported in the early days of COVID-19 but the platform appears to have resolved their scaling issues.

Popular telemedicine and secure messaging platform that integrates with Nextech and other practice management software.




Latest Industry Updates

COVID-19 news is constantly and rapidly evolving. Know where to turn to for trustworthy, up-to-date information about closures, health reports, and more.

The Aesthetic Society

Get the latest guidelines and recommendations as they pertain to elective medical professionals and practices. Read More

BSM Consulting

Get the latest updates and guidance from BSM Consulting as they pertain to medical practice management. Read More

Allergan Access

Allergan Access for Medical Aesthetics list of resources for managing medical practices during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Access information to share with your staff members and patients on how to stay safe and healthy. Read More

What We’re Doing for Our Partners

Success through partnership is our greatest priority. COVID-19 has created challenges that none of us could predict or plan for. Our clients need a thoughtful marketing partner that truly listens to their challenges and applies quick and intelligent action to help them reach stability and ultimately thrive in the current climate. 

Reopening Messaging 

Adifferent regions begin to lift shelter-in-place mandates, our clients are opening back up for business with responsible and reassuring messaging. 

  • Site updates: Slide-up banners and ASAP content updates are keeping messaging clear, consistent, and up-to-date in response to quickly changing regulations. (See an example: Preventative Medical Clinic.) 
  • Email growth supportPractices are connecting directly to customers and building lists of engaged subscribers with personal and compelling email messaging 
  • Reopening campaigns: Clients are setting the stage for prosperous initial reopenings and longer-term economic recovery with thoughtfully designed and applied campaign models. 

Brand Building & Recovery Guidance 

Our clients have our full support and partnership as we all work to navigate these new challenges, including recovering as brands and businesses during the phases of reopening. Here are some resources we’ve shared: 

Virtual Consultation Support 

Our clients are embracing virtual consultations as a way to keep their practices active and thriving while remote. Because virtual appointments will likely continue to play an integral role even after in-person visits resume, we’re working to make the process easier and more effective for practices than ever. 

We know the COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, so we will update our list of resources to reflect the latest information and recommendations. As always, we’re here to help and are committed to sustaining and growing your business.