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Part 1 of 2: Medical Marketing Predictions for 2015 (and How to Capitalize on Them Now)

Watch part 1 of our 2-part series as President Ryan Miller gives his 2015 online medical marketing predictions and smart practice tips to help your business capitalize ahead of the curve. This video focuses on search engine optimization predictions:

Prediction 1: Free Traffic Is Increasingly Scarce

For the past few years, there have been tremendous opportunities for free traffic from sources such as RealSelf that are now starting to charge for your business to be on their sites. It’s time to say goodbye to the term “free” and embrace the fact that paying for quality placements is the new normal.

Prediction 2: Ranking Reports Become Unreliable

Personalized search is becoming more prominent, and with the secure version of the Web (https vs. http) and the increased use of mobile data, it’s proving difficult to find quality data to drive business decision-making. It’s time to focus on quality traffic and conversions.

Prediction 3: Google Continues the Smackdowns

In 2013-14 Google started enforcing webmaster guidelines more than it ever had before. Algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon are putting the smackdown on businesses for not complying. The results? Sites aren’t showing up in search or are very low in rankings.

Prediction 4: Sites With Lackluster Content Will Fall

Are you familiar with the famous picture of Scarlet Johansson falling on the sidewalk? Ouch. People are now playing around with the content they create and manipulating it in different ways. And due to this, Google is looking for the best and most trusted sources of information within your specific market. Some sites are bound to trip and fall.

Prediction 5: Google’s Link Scrutiny (and Negative SEO) Will Rise

The Penguin algorithm was Google’s effort to weed out low-quality link building activities, and it has lowered the rankings of sites that were taking part in this negative SEO strategy. Look for prospects that can show how your practice is valuable both offline and on.

Watch this video to learn Ryan’s smart marketing tips to counter each of these predictions and to get your practice ahead of the competition. And, to hear more advice from our team as the year goes on, subscribe to our newsletter at

Here’s to planning in 2015!

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