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Advanced SEO: 7 Tips for Next-Level Medical Marketing

Today’s search engine rankings are volatile, and no single tactic can ensure your place at the top of the list. In this webinar, learn how to earn and protect your ranking by diversifying your SEO strategy. Take your SEO to the next level with the actionable advice in this informative presentation.

Diversify Your Keyword Targets

  • Embrace content strategies such as: regular site updates, in-depth articles, content syndication, and blogging to target long-tail keyword rankings.

Win Rankings Indirectly

  • Identify top-ranked sites and earn or purchase placement.
  • Cultivate coverage from credible media outlets.

Use Video Optimization to Take Top Spots

  • Can’t make the news? Make your own videos.
  • Video content should be authentic and patient-centric.
  • Embed video on your site first – before the video sites.
  • Use video across all channels, including social media and blogs.

Focus on Reputation and Reviews

  • Deliver superior service to maintain a superior reputation.
  • Orient operations to encourage positive ratings and reviews.

Embrace the Technical Side of SEO

  • Score 60 or better on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.
  • Turn to Google’s Webmaster Tools to thwart troubles.
  • Take special care with page moves and redirects.
  • Embrace

Cultivate Local Links

  • Chambers, VCB, BBB, and networking groups
  • Local authority sites, such as news outlets
  • Local charities
  • Local business partners
  • Local bloggers and trendsetters

Embrace Social Media

  • Identify the most popular social networks in your market.
  • Strive for more activity and more engagement on fewer networks.
  • Study the success of others for social insights.

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