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Part 2 of 2: Medical Marketing Predictions for 2015 (and How to Capitalize on Them Now)

Watch part 2 of our 2-part series as President Ryan Miller gives his 2015 online medical marketing predictions and practice tips to help your business capitalize. Here’s a rundown of the predictions:

Prediction 6: Mobile Is Mainstream

We’re seeing our world today through mobile devices. With success in mind, we need to recognize that in the world around us and respond within our businesses. If you’re not mobile responsive yet, this is the year to make it happen, and if you are, this is the year to maximize mobile responsiveness for its full potential.

Prediction 7: Brand Signals Are More Important for Online Visibility

Search engines are now hanging their measure of your trust and authority on their ability to unify your brand references. Practices should review their unifying symbols they use throughout their online marketing.

Prediction 8: Impact of Online Reputation Is Quantified

Cultivating a positive online reputation is a force for success in your practice. Harvard Business School published a report in 2011 where it found a 1-star increase in businesses’ (hotels and restaurants) Yelp rating experienced a 5% to 9% increase in revenue. This year, we’ll see more data in medicine on how your reputation online affects your business.

Prediction 9: Online Activities Get More Local

With mobile use on the rise, it’s no surprise that local search is predicted to continue to grow. Showing up on the top of the page when people search for you on a mobile device is the goal.

Prediction 10: Medical Practices Embrace Integrated Campaigning

Synchronization of strategy is going to drive better results for your practice. If you have news to share or promote, you will see the most marketing success through a simultaneous effort across multiple channels rather than a piecemeal approach.

Watch the video to learn Ryan’s tips to accompany each of these predictions and to get your practice on track for the marketing challenges to come. To discover more advice from our team as the year goes on, subscribe to our newsletter at

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