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4 Ways Your Facebook Business Page is Like a Toddler

From the moment your Facebook business Page was created, it has been your “baby.” You marvel at each milestone, checking on it around the clock and finding pleasure in watching it grow. But then, something happens. I’d say it’s around the point of 150 “Likes.” You wake up one day and your Page is different. The Likes are harder to come by. What once progressed like clockwork is suddenly more complicated. Your Page has reached a new phase: It’s no longer a baby, but a toddler. As a mother, I am new to this toddler thing. But here are some comparisons that can be made:

It needs a lot of attention

Get ready. Your Page, once it grows to a certain point, is going to become very needy. It’s moving and changing at a fast pace, and you’ll need to keep up in order to survive. Your Fans are hungry for more — more information, more incentives, and more feedback. Get organized. Make it a habit to check your Page at regular times. Respond to all comments to make sure your Fans know you are listening. Post quality content regularly, as in at least 5 times per week. Remember that what works one week may not work the next. Keep trying.

It has a schedule

Don’t risk a meltdown. Learn your Page’s pattern of engagement and use it to your advantage. Want to know when your Fans are online? Facebook’s new insights tool makes it easier than ever. Choosing the best time to post is no longer a guessing game. Under the “Posts” tab, you can now see exactly when your Fans use Facebook. Opt to post near the beginning of a busy peak. That way, your post will be fresh for the duration of time when your Fans are active. Just like you wouldn’t put your toddler to bed at midnight (or maybe you would, I’m not judging), you don’t want to publish your posts at the wrong time, either.

You Must Learn How to Deal with Negative Reactions

It’s bound to happen to you, and you’re not alone! Receiving a negative reaction, such as a comment, from a Fan can be scary. But it’s how you react to it that matters. Use it as an opportunity to teach your patients or customers that you care. If the Fan is upset about a bad customer service experience, respond and offer to make it right. Offer to contact that person over the phone, or provide your direct contact information. If that doesn’t work and it’s an all-out attack, you may need to get tough. You can hide the comment and ban the user from your Page (the ultimate “time out”). Decide your plan of action on a case-by-case basis. When you take the right action to correct the situation, you’ll often reap positive interactions in return, such as Fans coming to your side to defend you. Just like when raising a toddler, practice discipline. Remember who is in charge of your Page!

A Lot of People Will Want to Give You Advice

This is a big one. You will hear a lot of advice from others about how to manage your Page. Remember, these are your customers. You know them best. When it comes down to making decisions, seek advice when you need it, but don’t ignore your own voice and judgment. You’re in it for the long haul!

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