5 Tips To Find More Facelift Patients Online

Facelift patients are a little different than other potential patients. From the way they search online to the way they order their pizza, this demographic behaves a little differently. And for you to build an effective strategy to reach these patients, you need to think a little bit differently about how to approach your marketing efforts.

Here’s how facelift patients are different.

  • They search differently. Since they are an older demographic, facelift patients don’t discount search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. Those alternative search engines are often the default through your browser. Whether that’s the reason or not, we know through our data that facelift patients who become leads are disproportionately coming from these search engines.
  • They read more. Facelift patients spend more time reading through your blog posts, procedure pages, and other content that lives on your website. So make sure you’re giving them everything that they need to make a smart decision.
  • They’re not afraid to get on the phone. More so than with other patients, your front desk staff creates the first impression — so make it count.

Here’s how facelift patients are the same.

  • They care about before-and-after photos. Facelift patients can sometimes be a little bit more reluctant to get in front of the camera, but remember that those case photos are what showcase your work, and that’s what they want to see.
  • They care about patient reviews. Healthcare ranks third among all industries in terms of how much reviews sway people. Always encourage a happy patient to leave a review.

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