8 Examples of Great DIY Social Videos in Elective Medicine

While medical professionals grapple with the ethics of sharing plastic surgery videos on social media we can help you address two of the more common questions about social videos and medicine — “What kind of video should we create?” And, “Can you share examples of great DIY social videos in elective medicine?”

Live Treatment

Dr. David Reath combines myth-busting and live treatment (on himself) in this popular social video.


Dr. David Mabrie shares advice on how to reduce swelling after filler injections.

Procedure Overview

With over 69,000 views, Dr. Tom Sterry shows how simple it can be to explain a procedure by combining live video and slide narration.

Behind the Scenes

Dr. Marc DuPéré takes the audiences behind the scenes, and into the OR, to demystify FTM top surgery.


Dr. Bob Basu answers one of the most common Mommy Makeover questions in under a minute.

Product Review

The team at Dr. Brad Calobrace’s CaloSpa combine a live demonstration and product review in this fun video.

Community Involvement

Dr. Kerry Solomon share the inspiration for, and impact of, his charitable organization.

What are some of your favorite examples of social video in elective medicine?

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