Building Equity Online From Day One: 7 Ways To Create Value For Your Brand

Smart choices online deliver more value to potential patients.

Creating online equity for your brand is something that medical practices can work on from day one — and it’s not as lofty a goal as you might think. More than anything, it’s a mindset: approaching online marketing with an eye on the future. For example, when you think about the web content you produce, you really need to be asking, “Will this help potential patients get a feel for what the experience at my practice is really like?” If the answer is yes, you’re likely well on your way to creating a lasting impact on the value and the opportunities that you see come from the web.

It’s never too early — but it’s never too late, either.

In this video, Ryan Miller discusses seven helpful ways to build brand equity for your practice. From choosing your website’s domain to cultivating positive reviews and thinking strategically about content creation, Ryan walks us through a few “quick wins” that can solidify your brand’s online worth.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for years, it’s never too late to start making decisions that can help maximize long-term value for your practice.

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