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Oh, Gmail … What to do With the New Tabs?

Google is at it again! The company is making some major changes, and this time it’s with Gmail. Gmail users may have noticed their inboxes are now categorized into 3 different tabs: Primary, Social, and Promotions. “Designed to make your inbox more approachable, tabs organize your incoming mail into categories, giving you an at-a-glance look at what’s new,” according to… Continue Reading

Web Marketing Stuff I Didn’t Even Know Existed

As a new Web developer, I came into my position with a design background and user-interface knowledge, but I quickly realized there is so much more to developing websites at Etna Interactive! Etna has a lot of Web marketing stuff figured out. Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned since I started here: Google is the Boss… Continue Reading

Email Marketing: It’s Time Well Spent

A common question we hear on the marketing team: Why does it take so long to send out an email? It comes up often, and I don’t blame clients for asking. It seems like an email campaign should take an hour or two, at most. Well, that’s not the case and for good reason. Behind every email marketing communication I… Continue Reading

4 Keys to a Great Online Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words – and in the plastic surgery industry, you’re only as good as your last facelift or breast augmentation case. If your plastic surgery practice were a retail store, your online photo gallery would be your front window display. The before and after pictures you post on your website are one of the best… Continue Reading

Patient Referral Survey Yields Pretty ‘Cool’ Result

Wondering about which product generates the most patient referrals? So were we. As a data-driven company, we satisfy our curiosity by gathering information relevant to our clients’ needs. That’s why we recently surveyed 50 medical practices and asked them which aesthetic medical device or aesthetic pharmaceutical product prompted patients to contact them. The eye-opening results might surprise you. emerged… Continue Reading

Eight Ways to Promote Your Business This Weekend

Every so often I’ll find a little spare time during the weekend and get to thinking about my online marketing. What can I do with just a few hours that will make a difference in the success of my online marketing efforts? It always gets us excited when one of our clients asks what they can do themselves to make… Continue Reading

It’s All About Content

A topic that is often discussed and sometimes misunderstood by online marketers is the idea of content and how it relates to what matters most to you as a business owner – the bottom line. The traditional model for publicity is one based around interruption and succeeds in holding a consumer’s attention for a short period of time. Effective content… Continue Reading

Why Do Ugly Sites Sometimes Rank Better Than Pretty Sites?

I had my site built by another company, and it is really attractive. But there are all these ugly sites ranking ahead of me in the search engines. Why do the ugly sites get better rankings than my nice site? You have to remember that search engines are really text engines. Search engines cannot see your attractive design, your integrated… Continue Reading

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