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Category Archives: Medical Marketing Laws


Like many states, the Oregon legislature doesn’t appear to want physicians marketing medical services that they claim will cure incurable injuries or diseases. That makes perfect sense. Also, like most other states, they strongly encourage physicians to take the time to ensure their advertising is not false or misleading. For a comprehensive review of your medical marketing responsibilities, you should… Continue Reading


Oklahoma uses some unusual language in its medical marketing statute, barring “grossly untrue” statements in healthcare advertising, but its intent appears to be largely the same as statutes from other states: making sure the public does not become deceived about medical procedures. Talk with your legal counsel in more detail to ensure you are complying with all relevant medical marketing… Continue Reading


Ohio seems to do a great job of defining exactly what “false, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading statements” mean in the healthcare PR and marketing context. Physicians in Ohio should have a pretty good idea what statements are appropriate on their medical website, especially when they consult with their legal counsel, which is essential before engaging in any advertising activity. More… Continue Reading

North Dakota

Like many other states, North Dakota may impose discipline on a physician for healthcare PR and marketing that is untrue or deceptive. For a complete assessment of the medical marketing laws that apply to your practice and what you need to do to comply with them, be sure to consult your legal counsel. More Information VISIT THE WEBSITE Oversight Body:… Continue Reading

North Carolina

Practitioners in North Carolina appear to be forbidden from advertising that they perform medical services in an area they haven’t been trained in. This could raise an issue regarding doctors who hold themselves out as “cosmetic surgeons” even though they have received no formal training in cosmetic surgery techniques, but we’ll leave that legal interpretation to an attorney in the… Continue Reading

New Mexico

Practitioners in New Mexico appear to have very few healthcare marketing restrictions, though of course you always need to consult with your legal counsel to make sure you are complying with all applicable marketing laws. Of course, we would never recommend or authorize clients to use medical websites in an anonymous fashion, as the law here forbids. More Information VISIT… Continue Reading

New Jersey

The Garden State has grown quite a thicket of medical marketing regulations. New Jersey practitioners are well advised to read through all of New Jersey’s statutes and regulations carefully with their legal counsel. At Etna Interactive, we’re serious about providing medical website designs that help our clients to satisfy their ethical and legal responsibilities. More Information VISIT THE WEBSITE Oversight… Continue Reading

New Hampshire

New Hampshire physicians may be subject to disciplinary action if they make deceptive or misleading statements or statements of professional superiority. While there does not appear to be anything all that unusual about New Hampshire’s statutes on healthcare PR and marketing, you should always check with your legal counsel to make sure that your advertising complies with all relevant laws.… Continue Reading

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