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Medical Marketing Laws

At Etna Interactive we want to help our clients, and the medical industry at large, to create medical marketing that is executed ethically and legally.

At a very high level, most state medical boards want medical professionals to avoid false, misleading, or untrue statements when engaging in healthcare advertising. Practically every state categorizes false or fraudulent medical marketing statements made by doctors as unprofessional conduct that will subject the doctor to professional discipline. Certainly, disciplining doctors for making untrue statements about their practice makes perfect sense—physicians need to maintain a high level of trust with the general public.

Your Healthcare Marketing

As a reputable surgeon, you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t need to worry about these laws because my healthcare advertising is above board.” But many states have additional medical marketing restrictions that could catch even the most conscientious doctors by surprise. For instance, Illinois, Kentucky, New York State, and West Virginia entirely forbid the use of patient testimonials in healthcare marketing. Your legal counsel certainly can tell you more about the laws that pertain to your practice. With all the other risks in the medical field today, do you really want to add one more by handing over your medical website design and maintenance to someone unfamiliar with the industry?

Our Medical Website Design Solutions

At Etna Interactive, we specialize in marketing solutions for the elective healthcare field, but we also have developed solutions for medical device marketing, ideas for healthcare advertising campaigns, and innovative approaches to online promotion in other industries. Get a free assessment of your current website and let us show you how a sophisticated web marketing strategy can help expand your practice and outdistance your competitors.

Medical Marketing Laws by U.S. State

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