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Category Archives: Medical Marketing Laws


Maryland has a slightly longer list of healthcare marketing restrictions than most other states, but many of the restrictions simply clarify the requirement that a physician not make misrepresentations. A physician marketing medical services as a specialist in an area of medicine must be sure to comply with the requirements regarding Board certification (.12 B.(10)). To make sure your practice… Continue Reading


Very few laws appear to regulate medical marketing in Maine, making medical website design and development work fairly straightforward. Maine is typical of most states, guarding against false, misleading, or deceptive advertising. Consult with your legal counsel to learn the full extent of medical marketing laws that apply to your practice. More Information VISIT THE WEBSITE Oversight Body: Maine Board… Continue Reading


Like many other states, Louisiana disciplines physicians for fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading healthcare advertising or communication. Interestingly, the statute also appears to apply to private communications between a doctor and a patient. For a comprehensive assessment of your obligations under the law, make sure you consult with your legal counsel before engaging in marketing efforts. More Information VISIT THE… Continue Reading


Like a few other states, Kentucky doesn’t allow the use of testimonials in healthcare advertising. Its regulations appear to apply to all types of advertising, including the use of medical websites. To learn about all of the marketing laws that may apply to your practices, be sure to contact your legal counsel. More Information VISIT THE WEBSITE Oversight Body: Kentucky… Continue Reading


Before offering free consultations on their medical websites, Kansas physicians should check to make sure they’re following the applicable regulations regarding free offers. The Sunflower State takes seriously the possibility of bait-and-switch advertising, where patients end up being charged for a service they expected to be free. More Information VISIT THE WEBSITE Oversight Body: Kansas State Board of Healing Arts… Continue Reading


Iowa physicians may be subject to discipline if their medical marketing contains untruthful or improbable statements. These practitioners should protect their license by consulting with legal counsel and making sure their healthcare PR and marketing comply with Iowa’s rules. More Information VISIT THE WEBSITE Oversight Body: Iowa Board of Medical Examiners Reference Citation: IA ADC 653-23.1(272C) Selected Excerpt: 653-23.1(272C) Grounds… Continue Reading


When designing medical websites in Indiana, we need to be mindful of the code section that imposes disciplinary sanctions on practitioners who advertise in a false or misleading manner. We’d never put out anything false or misleading on purpose, and we work with our clients to double check the accuracy of all our medical website designs. For a complete overview… Continue Reading


At least until the end of 2008, it was illegal for Illinois licensees to use testimonials when marketing medical services. Other healthcare PR and marketing restrictions in the state include a detailed list of permissible subjects to be included in advertising (see § 26(1) below). Of course, health professionals must seek legal counsel to provide review and guidance on all… Continue Reading

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