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Making the News: Secrets to Generating Local Media Coverage

Recent changes at Google favor local authorities for top ranking. There is no better way to attract attention offline, or cultivate credibility online, than by earning coverage in your local media outlets.

This 60-minute webinar, hosted and moderated by Etna Interactive President Ryan Miller, gives you the insight and skills required to earn press coverage in your local market in 2014. Three of the aesthetic medical community’s leading public relations consultants share secrets and a plan of action to run your own successful PR campaign.

  • Ryan Miller, Etna Interactive, Host & Moderator
  • Susan Tellem, APR, RN, BSN, Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc.
  • Anne Cohen, A Cohen Marketing & Public Relations
  • Nadine Tosk, NDTosk Communications

10 Tips for Cultivating Local News

Presented by Susan Tellem, this first section covers 10 tips to start cultivating local news.

  1. Study local media
  2. Make a media contact list
  3. Buy a local media directory
  4. Google “name of town” media
  5. Ask media person to lunch or coffee
  6. Find national media’s local office
  7. Join Twitter
  8. Send a letter or email
  9. Avoid Facebook friending
  10. Send an “expert sheet”

Making the Perfect Pitch

Next, Anne Cohen gives practicable tips on what to pitch and how to pitch it.

  • Your pitch must be: timely, compelling, and relevant
  • How to find a story idea
  • How to write a pitch
  • Your press kit
  • Who gets the pitch
  • The pitch call
  • The follow-up
  • Pitching mistakes

Strategies for Effective Media Interviews

Nadine Tosk wraps things up by giving you the tools you’ll need to effectively handle media interviews.

  • Facing the media
  • Media readiness
  • Advance preparation
  • What is a “key message”
  • Techniques
  • Building question bridges
  • Flagging (ask it, make it, say it, and enumerate it)
  • Tips
  • Ambushes
  • On-the-air
  • Success

Contact info:

Susan Tellem
Facebook: TellemGrodyPR
Phone: 310-313-3444

Anne Cohen
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212-330-8337

Nadine Tosk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 847-920-9858; 504-453-8344

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