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Looking Back to See the Future: Google Rankings in 2015

It often seems that the criteria for ranking well on search engines (Google in particular) changes so fast that it is impossible to keep up. How do you know what will get you to the top and keep you there, and how do you know what tactic might be penalized next and get you in trouble? In this video, we look at 3 Google algorithm updates and what they tell us about what the search engine will want to see from us in 2015. We call these updates the 3 P’s: Pigeon, Panda, and Penguin.

  • Pigeon, the update to the local search algorithm, aligned local search more closely with organic search. Google is telling us that clear signals about location and local community involvement will help you do well on local search listings.
  • Panda was an upgrade in the Google search criteria for high-quality website content. As Google continues to improve its ability to analyze your content for quality of information and writing, you must produce the best quality content on the Web if you want to reach Google searchers.
  • Penguin was the most anticipated update of 2014 and finally rewarded all those who worked hard to eliminate or disavow unearned, bought, or “spammy” links to their websites. Google’s message with Penguin tells us that links are still important and that quality links from reputable websites will help you earn both organic and local search results.

Watch this video to learn how looking back at what changes Google made in 2014 can show you what you need to do for your online marketing strategy in 2015.

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