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5 Steps to Get Your Video Noticed on the Web

Many of our clients have invested time and money in producing videos that highlight their practice, their philosophy, and their results. But once the camera’s turned off, what’s the best way to share these videos with potential patients? Online it’s still all about the search engines. So how do you get your video to rank well in Google and YouTube search? The key concept is context.

Search engines aren’t taking the time to watch all the videos on the web. Instead, they rely heavily on the text cues that surround a video file to understand what the video is all about. Video optimization today is still about optimizing the text associated with your video files.

  1. Identify the keywords you wish to target with your video
    These can be the same keywords you target in other areas of your site. Don’t guess – make sure you target highly trafficked words and phrases.
  2. Optimize the meta content embedded within your video file
    Like web pages, video files have hidden Title and Description content that can help search engines understand what the video covers. Using your keywords here will help your rankings.
  3. Publish the video to your site with additional descriptive text
    Keyword-rich descriptive text adjacent to your video will give the search engines more cues about the video content.
  4. Include new video files in your video site map and media XML
    There are special files you can add to your site to lead the search engines to your videos. Be sure to use these to catalog all of your video content. Your Account Manager can help you with the technical details.
  5. Promote your video across social media 
    Each of the major social platform is pushing video. Sharing your video across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will help drive more traffic and video views to your video. These are signals to Google that the video is valuable.

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