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What Works: Get Involved in the Patient Community


To strengthen his leadership in post-weight loss plastic surgery, Sacramento’s Dr. David Kaufman is active in this highly-connected community.  He develops relationships with bariatric surgeons, speaks to support groups and maintains a dedicated site:

Since we invested in community outreach, our relationships with post-weight loss patients have grown dramatically in both quantity and quality.
– Dr. David Kaufman

Create your own outreach program:

  • Target a community; seek referral sources
    Get qualified patients through others they trust
  • Create a special website section or mini-site
    Bring patients to you with targeted content and more search engine hits
  • Develop creative co-marketing ideas
    Increase preference for your services by offering education, support, discounts
  • Help patients connect on-line
    Let them hear about you before surgery and sing your praises to prospective patients afterward

If you are hoping to connect with a specific patient niche, Etna Interactive clients should share this desire with their Account Executive.

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