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Jump-Start Your Social Media Campaign With Email Marketing

The term “social media” is becoming the norm for businesses and consumers alike. As the popular saying goes, if you aren’t using social media in your business, you are “missing the boat.” However, before you step onto the boat, it’s important to examine the channels your business is already using. Then you can jump aboard and sail away.

So, first things first, figure out the goal – what’s the purpose for your business running this campaign? Second, what incentive will be offered in order to get consumers to react? Third, and most importantly, how in the world are you going to spread the word? This seems like an easy tactic to execute, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not the case. When considering what platforms to use for your social campaign, you need to think about what channels you are currently using and how well they are working for your brand.

One of the most under-utilized platforms, and what I like to consider “the untapped gold mine,” is your organization’s email marketing subscriber list. When consumers sign up to receive emails, they are already invested in your brand and want to hear from you. If you have a healthy subscriber list, I strongly recommend this platform as the launch pad for the campaign. Consider it the “gateway platform.” Why not tell these individuals about the other social media platforms you are on, and better yet, that there’s an awesome campaign waiting for them on Facebook that they will most definitely want to participate in?

Here are 3 more benefits of integrating email marketing with social media, according to Social Media Today:

  1. To extend the potential reach of your emails: As people share your emails, your brand gets more exposure and more potential for opens, clicks, and conversions.
  2. To grow your email list: As more and more people receive your emails, the more chance you have of gaining new subscribers.
  3. To connect with your audience: Each social network allows you to connect with your contacts in a slightly different way.

Social media campaigns are starting to become a normal fixture in business plans. It’s important to consider the social or marketing platforms that are already working well for your brand and expand from there. Doing so will help make your social campaign a success.

If you are currently growing an email marketing subscriber list and would like to use it to its full advantage, please reach out to your account executive so we can successfully help launch your next campaign.

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