Google & Page Speed: Are You Racing Your Way Off Google’s First Page?

Google recently announced that starting in July, page speed will determine your site’s mobile ranking. Why? Google wants to make sure that mobile searchers have the best possible user experience. Fortunately, this change will only affect the slowest websites, so many practices won’t be impacted.

Will my rankings be affected?

Here’s how to be sure you’re safe from this change.

  • Take a look at your page speed and usability. Talk to your agency about running a tool to improve your page quality. We recommend using Lighthouse to check in on your site’s health: It will run audits against your pages, generate a report on its performance, and provide recommendations on how to improve pages.
  • Don’t sabotage your own speed. Uploading large images to a before-and-after gallery or a blog can slow down a website considerably. If you or anyone else is regularly contributing new images to your website, make sure those photos are appropriately compressed.

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