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My nephew tells me that the title tag is important. How do I write an effective title tag?

My nephew tells me that the title tag is important for my search engine placement.  Are there any rules or formulas for writing a good title tag? Your nephew is a smart kid.  The title tag, the area of each web page that contains the text which is displayed at the very top of your web browser, is indeed one… Continue Reading

Online Press Release vs. Media Press Release

Is it better to do an online press release than a press release in the news or print media? That’s a big question. So I’ll take an out with an easy answer. Whether you are distributing your press release online or off, we recommend the following Keep your press release under 350 words Take the time to write it well;… Continue Reading

Isn’t SEO just about top rankings?

Isn’t SEO just about top rankings? Let me ask you a question.  Do you want top rankings or more patients?  Because the top search engine rankings and consultation requests are NOT implicitly related. Have you ever watched a local business with an amazing location — maybe the busiest corner in your downtown —fail despite the great real estate? The perfect… Continue Reading

Are top-10 ranking guarantees legitimate?

I’ve been contacted by several companies that guarantee top-10 rankings for a fee.  Can you tell me if these are legitimate offers? Search engines are in the business of delivering untainted results.  No SEO company can simply place your site at the top of the natural search results.  Some SEO companies, however, guarantee discounted pricing or your money back if… Continue Reading

What are “off page” factors?

I keep hearing about “off page” or “off the page” factors that can influence my search engine positioning.  What does that mean? Search engines look at more than just your web pages when determining your positioning; they also look “off page” for clues about your site’s quality and your reputation in the industry.  But the term itself — “off page” … Continue Reading

Can you build an animated Splash Page for my new site?

Can you build an animated Splash Page for my new site? If you mean, “are you technically capable of building a Flash animated introduction page for my new site?” The answer would be, “Yes.”  Would we recommend a Splash Page?  Absolutely not! There are two main reasons why we recommend against having one of those sexy Splash pages. Reason 1:… Continue Reading

Why do my search engine positions move constantly?

I’m a bit obsessed. I check my search engine positions all the time, and they seem to constantly change. Why is that? There are a lot of reasons why search engine rankings fluctuate. New sites are picked up by the search engines. Competing sites change elements of their pages that impact ranking. Most importantly, the search engines are constantly shifting… Continue Reading

How do I select the right online directories for my business?

I’m getting ready to go to an industry conference and I know that the online directory sales people will be all over me. How do I make a smart choice about which directories to invest in for my practice? Over the last ten years we’ve analyzed in detail hundreds of websites offering to send patients to doctors (hereafter “referral sites”).… Continue Reading

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