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Link Building Strategy 2: Earn

Earning something that’s truly valuable takes hard work. But earning links from reputable and related sites requires something more. You can’t just work hard — you need to be clever and maybe even a little controversial to attract the right kind of attention with high-quality links. Consider this: How many hours did you spend yesterday thinking about whether you should… Continue Reading

Link Building Strategy 1: Ask

I learned when I was a kid that I’m much more likely to get something if my request is reasonable and I ask politely. That’s certainly true of link building. If you read last week’s newsletter you know that the goal of link building is to obtain relevant links from trusted sites. So who do you ask? Vendors & Medical… Continue Reading

Build Links to Boost Your Site Ranking

When I say the word “links,” what first comes to mind? If you’re an avid golfer, maybe you have a vision of teeing up on a sunny morning. If style’s your thing, maybe you think “cufflinks.” But when it comes to your online marketing, links are a crucial component in your efforts to rank well and reach out to Web… Continue Reading

Optimize for the Right Keyword Phrases

Some might say the first rule of Search Marketing is that there are no rules. While the game is indeed ever-changing, there is at least one rule you need to live by: to be successful in online marketing, you must choose the right keyword phrases to target every step of the way – from site planning through promotion. You may be asking,… Continue Reading

Track the Success of Your Site

Last week we talked a bit about the business insights buried in your Web site statistics. Now it’s time to do some more detailed detective work. Your Web stats are a powerful tool for understanding your site’s strengths and weaknesses, but they’re not foolproof, and their biggest limitation is that they are inherently anonymous. Get out the magnifying glass and… Continue Reading

How to Make Sense of Website Statistics

For those of you into integers, marveled by metrics, driven by data (or now, annoyed by alliteration), your Website statistics are virtual goldmines of insight…if you know what to look for. If you haven’t yet spent time looking at your Website statistics, ask your Website host for access. Etna Interactive clients can email to request the link to their stats. LiveStats.XSP… Continue Reading

Email Marketing Part 4: Connect with Your Readers

Email Marketing Part 4: Connect with Your Readers The fun really starts after you’ve sketched out your email marketing strategy and developed a plan to build your newsletter subscriber list. Now is your opportunity to design a newsletter template, write the first issue, and get it ready to share with subscribers. Here’s an in-depth look. Design Your Newsletter Template Some… Continue Reading

Email Marketing Part 3: Build Your Audience

Email Marketing Part 3: Build Your Audience Building a quality list of email subscribers is the most important, and most often overlooked, piece of any email marketing strategy. To some extent, email marketing is a numbers game – the larger your list, the more likely you are to connect with readers who want your services. Here are some specific tasks… Continue Reading

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