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New Webinar: How Universal Search & Changes at Google Will Impact Your Practice

You know you need great rankings in Google to reach more new patients. But were you aware that over the last two years Google has been quietly, slowly, changing? As recently as last month Google made major changes that impact your practice. Join Etna Interactive for a live Webinar and learn what the latest developments in Universal Search and the… Continue Reading

Monitor Your Online Reputation

People are talking about you and your practice online…and not everything they have to say will be warm and fuzzy. It’s better if you know both the good and bad of what is being said. In this very short segment I’ll teach you a free, easy, and automated way to stay informed about your online reputation. VIDEO COMING SOON Featured… Continue Reading

Focus on Phones

Just a few weeks ago I sat on hold for 22 minutes while returning a client’s call. 22 minutes and 12 seconds after dialing (I have a call timer on my office phone) I finally gave up and turned to email for my reply. If I had been a potential patient you can bet I would have hung up, in… Continue Reading

Build Your Email Marketing List “In House”

I was on a conference call with a longstanding client yesterday when they asked, “Should we being doing something to get email addresses from our clients?” The answer of course is a resounding “yes!” Email is a cost effective and immediate vehicle for actively communicating with clients and prospects. The bigger your list grows, the less you pay per message.… Continue Reading

3 Approaches to Blog Marketing

We’ve received more than a few calls recently from clients asking if they should blog. Unfortunately, there is no short or easy answer to that question. While blogging has the potential to benefit almost all clinical practices, there is also a risk that it might damage the reputation of the clinician or the practice. This short video revealsĀ 3 different ways… Continue Reading

3 Simple Ways to Monitor Your Reputation Online

Our first few segments dealing with managing your reputation online brought in some great reader responses. The most common question asked was, “How do I keep track of what’s being said about me online?” While there are companies who will charge a pretty penny to watch your online rep like a hawk, we’ve got a much simpler solution that you… Continue Reading

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