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Reputation: Are You Killing It, or Getting Killed?

Online reputation has been a hot topic for over a year now. And, while this will probably be the last time I cover the topic this year, I’m excited to share some new and compelling data we’ve collected that will help guide your practice’s online reputation strategy.

Qualitative Analysis of Online Complaints

  • Study Criteria & Methodology
    • 100 aesthetic clinics examined
    • Considered reviews on Google+ and
    • Examined content of reviews with <4/5 stars and <3/4 stars
    • Concerns categorized by time, communication, money, and clinical results
    • One negative review could count in multiple categories



  • Of the clinics with reviews, only 52% of profiles are generally positive.
  • Communication concerns are the most common – by far. These negative reviews reported that doctors and/or staff were:
    • Rude
    • Arrogant
    • Not good listeners
    • Recommended a treatment and left the room
    • Had bad bedside manner


  • Embrace feedback
  • Train staff to schedule efficiently (and use the right software)
  • Work to ensure patients feel heard during their consultations
  • Attempt to reduce wait times and avoid rushing consults
  • Encourage happy patients to share their experiences online

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