Smart Practices Track Their Calls

Did you know? Online leads are more likely to pick up the phone and call a medical practice over using email. That means it’s really important to understand as much as you can about what’s going well during those phone calls — and what could be improved.

That’s where call tracking comes into play. Call tracking gives you a way to analyze your team’s interaction with prospective patients, accurately track referral sources (i.e., understand what the person did before picking up the phone), and ultimately measure your results.

Not sure if you need call tracking? Think about how confidently you can answer the following questions:

• How many calls to your practice go unanswered?
• Do you know which calls can be attributed to online marketing?
• How long are patients on hold during peak periods?
• How does your staff represent the practice to first-time callers?

In this video, CEO Ryan Miller explains how call tracking can help your practice market smarter, target training opportunities, and increase revenue.

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