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Forecasting Plastic Surgery Lead Generation & Marketing Trends for 2024

What is plastic surgery demand going to look like in 2024? Our CEO Ryan Miller and COO Sean Collier come together to discuss plastic surgery demand trends from 2018 until now. They offer insightful analysis and highlight industry nuances to help you optimize plastic surgery lead generation and capitalize on marketing trends in 2024. Check... Continue Reading

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The Best Medspa & Plastic Surgery Websites Go Beyond First Impressions (& Win Awards)

Modern, award-winning plastic surgery and medical spa websites blend eye-catching design, intuitive user interface, and seamless functionality to create an informative experience that generates leads. Etna Interactive's experienced design team crafts beautiful sites and recently earned multiple honors from some of the internet marketing industry's leading associations. Design Honors Awarded to Etna Interactive We're proud... Continue Reading

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Plastic Surgeon Reputation Management: Building Trust & Enhancing Visibility

Table of Contents: Why Reputation Matters Statistics on Reviews and Consumer Behavior The Importance of Addressing Negative Reviews Be Sure You’re Present on These Trusted Review Platforms How Etna's Reputation Platform Can Help Make Your Reputation Your Best Marketing Tool In the competitive world of plastic surgery, reputation is crucial in attracting and retaining clients.... Continue Reading

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6 Keys to Medical Spa Marketing in an Iffy Economy

Table of Contents A Website with Beauty & Brains  A Fresh, Captivating Blog Engaging Permission-Based Marketing Standout Social Media Laser-Focused Online Advertising A Glowing Online Reputation Staying on top in today’s ultra-competitive medical spa market is a challenge under the best of circumstances. Add to that economic uncertainty, and it becomes even more important that... Continue Reading

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Benefits of Using Generative AI in Your Healthcare Practice

The generative AI application landscape is vast, but when it comes to effectively using generative AI within your healthcare practice, you may find yourself perplexed. We’ve summarized some of the useful applications of generative AI that can benefit you and your business, along with examples to provide as much clarity as possible. Join Ryan Miller,... Continue Reading

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Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics: What Every Practice Should Know

The change from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 will affect how your website performance data are reported, and we want you to be ready. We’ve highlighted some differences between both platforms and some of the transitional issues we’ve observed. Join our CEO Ryan Miller as he outlines what steps Etna is taking to get our... Continue Reading

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Aesthetic Industry News & Trends – What’s Happening With Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa Consumer Demand

Worried about the search activity decline on Google Trends? While on the surface, plastic surgery terms seem to be equally impacted, there is a difference. Join our CEO, Ryan Miller, as he interprets plastic surgery and medical spa industry statistics.  Video Transcription: Hi again, it's Ryan Miller here with Etna Interactive. We're here today to talk... Continue Reading

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