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Category Archives: Reputation Management

Pay-Per-Lead Medical Marketing

Are pay-per-lead marketing programs legal? An emerging trend in medical marketing treats patients like commodities and puts medical professionals in serious legal peril.  Pay per lead programs, a popular form of online affiliate marketing, are popping up like weeds in the elective healthcare industry.  These programs charge a set fee for the name and contact information of a patient interested… Continue Reading

Horizons in Online Marketing Part 3 of 6: Reputation Management

[videoPlayer src=”/videos/reputation-management.mp4″ thumbnail=”/images/video-screenshot-reputation-management.jpg” width=”526″ height=”286″ duration=”544″]   A negative review posted online can feel like a knife in the back. The angst is amplified when you suspect the review was posted by a former employee or a competitor. With HIPAA and PIPEDA limiting how health care providers can manage their reputations online it is easy to feel helpless and hopeless.… Continue Reading

How Do I Decide Who to Exchange Links With?

I get solicitations for link exchange all day long.  How do I decide who to exchange links with? Remember that links from your site to any business will be viewed by your visitors and patients as an endorsement. Here’s a quick test for link exchanges: Does the site offer accurate information that will benefit your patients or clients? Is the… Continue Reading

New Services Prey on Online Reputation Fears

[videoPlayer src=”/videos/reputation-fears.mp4″ thumbnail=”/images/video-screenshot-reputation-fears.jpg” width=”526″ height=”286″ duration=”623″]  

Monitor Your Online Reputation

People are talking about you and your practice online…and not everything they have to say will be warm and fuzzy. It’s better if you know both the good and bad of what is being said. In this very short segment I’ll teach you a free, easy, and automated way to stay informed about your online reputation. VIDEO COMING SOON Featured… Continue Reading

3 Simple Ways to Monitor Your Reputation Online

Our first few segments dealing with managing your reputation online brought in some great reader responses. The most common question asked was, “How do I keep track of what’s being said about me online?” While there are companies who will charge a pretty penny to watch your online rep like a hawk, we’ve got a much simpler solution that you… Continue Reading

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