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Category Archives: Strategic Consulting

Surgical Residents Series Part 5

  Part 5: Choosing a Marketing Partner When it comes time to select a marketing partner, what you don’t know can hurt you. Careful attention should be paid to the intersection between your needs and the needs of a potential marketing partner. Not all vendors are created equal; many vendors have areas of expertise or specialization that may or may… Continue Reading

Surgical Residents Series Part 4

  Part 4: What it Takes to Earn Top Google Rankings Today Google’s ever-changing criteria can make trying to rank on their first page organic search results feel like shooting at a moving target. In this video, I’ll tell you how to navigate those challenges to get your site on page one. What Are Top Rankings All About? Keywords &… Continue Reading

Surgical Residents Series Part 3

  Part 3: A Successful Website Starts With a Plan You wouldn’t start building a house without a plan. Likewise, there are 3 objectives that you’ll want to consider before you begin to build your website: Aesthetic Objectives Your site design should not only be beautiful, it should also differentiate and build a recognizable brand that reflects the image of… Continue Reading

Surgical Residents Series Part 2

  Part 2: Online Marketing Priorities Once you’ve decided on a practice model, you’ll start wearing a lot of hats in addition to your surgeon cap: entrepreneur, broadcaster, and regulator. After you’ve chosen an online marketing partner and begin to map out a strategy, beware of “shiny” new tactics to begin with. Instead, start with low risk, high return tactics… Continue Reading

Surgical Residents Series Part 1

  Part 1: Practice Dynamics & Your Online Marketing Whether you choose to go into private, group, or institutional practice will directly influence the opportunities and challenges of your online marketing strategies. Context is paramount; being mindful of how to navigate within your practice environment will ultimately allow you to more successfully grow your business. In part 1, I’ll breakdown… Continue Reading

Eight Ways to Promote Your Business This Weekend

Every so often I’ll find a little spare time during the weekend and get to thinking about my online marketing. What can I do with just a few hours that will make a difference in the success of my online marketing efforts? It always gets us excited when one of our clients asks what they can do themselves to make… Continue Reading

What Works: Get Involved in the Patient Community

To strengthen his leadership in post-weight loss plastic surgery, Sacramento’s Dr. David Kaufman is active in this highly-connected community.  He develops relationships with bariatric surgeons, speaks to support groups and maintains a dedicated site: “Since we invested in community outreach, our relationships with post-weight loss patients have grown dramatically in both quantity and quality.” – Dr. David Kaufman Create… Continue Reading

Practice These New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year and I’m ready to refocus my efforts on online marketing.  What can I do to start the New Year off right? A new year is upon us.  If you’re like us, you’ve made a resolution or two focused on your personal well-being.  Are you also addressing the well-being of your medical practice?  Are you taking proper… Continue Reading

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