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Email Marketing: Why It Is Still the Best Way to Reach Your Patients

Isn’t email marketing passé in this era of social media? Not according to the numbers. Watch this 30-minute webinar in which we explore: New data that shows email marketing consistently outperforms social media The best practices for growing your email subscriptions Advice to dramatically reduce the time required to produce your campaigns Tips to maximize deliverability and campaign response

Email Marketing: It’s Time Well Spent

A common question we hear on the marketing team: Why does it take so long to send out an email? It comes up often, and I don’t blame clients for asking. It seems like an email campaign should take an hour or two, at most. Well, that’s not the case and for good reason. Behind every email marketing communication I… Continue Reading

Words and Phrases That Trigger Spam Filters

Words and Phrases That Trigger Spam Filters Spam filters use a variety of techniques to keep unwanted mail out of your inbox.  Most examine the characteristics of a message, such as the number and size of its images and the words used in the text and score the message.  As the score gets higher the likelihood a message will be… Continue Reading

How Do I Change My Email Password?

How do I change my email password? You can change your email password in the webmail interface at You will need to know your old email password in order to change it.  If you have lost or forgotten your password, let us know and we can reset the password for you. To Change your Password 1. Log in to… Continue Reading

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