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Measuring the Success Of Your Social Media Marketing

In the medical marketing industry, social media is more important than ever. More and more patients are utilizing social platforms to learn about medical practices and directly interact with doctors and their staff. If social media is a part of your practice’s marketing plan, there are some aspects of your social media that can directly influence your business’ success. In… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Aesthetic Practices Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

I often receive push back from our clients when it comes to incorporating social media into their online marketing plans. Many clients are concerned that social media is too expensive, that they don’t have the staff support it takes to curate photos or create daily posts, and they worry about security and patient privacy. While these factors are legitimate, it… Continue Reading

Social Media: How Does It Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?

I need social media to rank on Google, right? But it’s impossible to measure return on investment with social media, so how do I know if it’s working? The answers might surprise you. In this webinar, Etna’s social media manager, Ashley Williams, penetrates the fog surrounding social media marketing with real data, solid strategies, and actionable steps you can execute… Continue Reading

How’s Your Social Life?

One exciting endeavor for our team has been helping plastic surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, and other medical professionals increase their presence on social media platforms. We have long preached the benefits of joining the Facebook community, so it’s nice to hear a recent study reconfirms our clients are headed in the right direction. A report in the journal of the American… Continue Reading

Why I Love Social Media

Besides social media being ever-changing and a unique experience for each person, it’s also about creating a connection, building trust and inadvertent marketing. And this is why I love it. Creating a Connection Never before has creating a connection with customers been more fun and more personable. Social media allows us to speak to customers as if we are solely… Continue Reading

Facebook for Business 101

While one billion active users are on Facebook, there is a big difference between using Facebook for personal use and for business. I have seen many missed opportunities where one small update can play a significant role in the success of a business Page. If you are starting to use Facebook to promote your business, the checklist below is a… Continue Reading

Horizons in Online Marketing Part 2 of 6: Social Media and the Medical Practice

  In this second of six parts, Etna Interactive explores how the evolution of social media and socially-inspired search engine results will impact medical practices. We look in to the future to forecast three likely implications and suggest strategies you can employ today to stay ahead of the curve. If you are a longtime subscriber to our newsletter, you know… Continue Reading

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