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2014 Search Trends for Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Companies

Recent changes at Google have opened up some important search result opportunities for medical device & pharmaceutical companies. In this video, I’ll explain how you can leverage these new opportunities to boost your search ranking in 2014. No time for the video? Read the notes below. Search Trends Spell Opportunity Search results within search results; local searches for brand names… Continue Reading

The Changing Face of Google’s Local Search

A whirlwind of changes that started in June of this year have altered the way Google displays its local search results. And, as the dust begins to settle, a new normal is emerging that will require a shift in your local marketing strategy. The regional battle for first page rankings now involves fighting the Superpowers; national and regional power players… Continue Reading

Search Engines Yield Nearly Identical Inquiry Results

Everyone knows that Google holds the lion’s share of the search market … but does Google offer any inherent advantage in moving a person from prospect to patient? As it turns out, the data says, “No!” We wondered whether a Bing searcher was any more likely to become a patient than a Google searcher? We wanted to know how North… Continue Reading

For Plastic Surgeons, Google May Be More Important Than Previously Thought

While it probably won’t surprise you to hear that Google drives more search engine traffic than Bing or Yahoo to aesthetic medical practices, you may be surprised to hear just how much more. For the first 2 quarters of 2013, Etna analyzed website traffic patterns for 15 board-certified plastic surgeons. And, while comScore places Google’s market share at 66.9% of… Continue Reading

Google’s Hummingbird and the Implications for Your Office

For the first time in 12 years, Google has changed its “recipe” for rankings. Code named “Hummingbird,” this algorithm swap has changed the rankings game in a couple of important ways. In this video, I’m joined by Etna’s Director of Marketing, Scott Feldman, who’ll offer some strategic advice for leveraging Google’s algorithm update to help raise or maintain your site’s… Continue Reading

New challenges and new opportunities to dominate Google’s first page

Over the past few months Google has kept us on our toes with several new updates that have created some challenges to maintaining/attaining first page ranking. However, these updates have also created some surprising opportunities. In this video, I’ll explain 5 ways you can leverage the whirlwind of recent changes at Google to indirectly secure a first page ranking. No… Continue Reading

Why Would I Exchange Links With Another Site?

Why would I exchange links with another site? Many years ago the major search engines were faced with a hypothetical problem.  If two sites were essentially the same…similar content, similar structure…which one should they rank ahead of the other?  To come up with an answer they borrowed a tactic from the real world of human resources. Let’s say you are… Continue Reading

Why Do Ugly Sites Sometimes Rank Better Than Pretty Sites?

I had my site built by another company, and it is really attractive. But there are all these ugly sites ranking ahead of me in the search engines. Why do the ugly sites get better rankings than my nice site? You have to remember that search engines are really text engines. Search engines cannot see your attractive design, your integrated… Continue Reading

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